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Cure For Melayu Boleh?

February 17, 2010
Finding cure for melayu boleh disease is possible....

Is there cure for Melayu Boleh disease?

What should we do to clean the word Melayu Boleh? It is a shame for us to see lots of porn related blog appear in the first page of search engine result when typing keyword that are related to Malay. Just imagine how many blog available on the internet that abuse the word “Melayu” itself. Is there any cure for Melayu Boleh ?

I don’t have the answer, but there are some blog-master who are kind enough to spend some of their time to make buffer blog or laman penampan. It may look like they are manipulating the searcher because they won’t find the contents that they are looking for, but if the searcher is looking for video lucah melayu as example, what would you say?

Is it ok for them to get the materials that they are looking for or is it better for them stuck at the blog created by some of the blog-master to prevent them from getting the porn stuff? Well, in my opinion they blog-master helping to delay the searcher with their penampan blog. But in exchange for their time thay may monetise the penampan blog they make since lots of time needed to make the blog.

It is a new challenge a.k.a cabaran melayu boleh to cure this situation….

So, what is your opinion?