Melayu Boleh Challenge Accepted…

Melayu Boleh Challenge Accepted

I dare to challenge Melayu Boleh... 🙂

At last, I have manage to accept the challenge of Melayu Boleh. The truth is that I already accept the challenge long time ago before I fall in love with a girl and SEO a.k.a search engine optimization. It just that after I fall in love with SEO, I want to understand it better and want to be able to apply it in my internet marketing life.

Melayu Boleh Challenge also known as Cabaran Melayu Boleh in Malay. So, for those Malaysia who read this entry I dare you to accept the challenge. Hehe… It is very fun I tell you especially if you making a face naughty blog like Aksi Budak Sekolah. Hehe, atleast there are fun thing happen in the world of laman penampan. Hoping that the Projek Laman Penampan of mine will be better from time to time.

I also hope there would be no more budak sekolah nakal who made their own version of video xxxx. We all love Malaysia 🙂


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One Response to “Melayu Boleh Challenge Accepted…”

  1. Melayu Boleh Tips and Tricks Says:

    I support you as always 🙂 Melayu Boleh! Malaysia Boleh!

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